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Date: June, 18 2019


Score : 86

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Points Deducted Food Safety Requirements Corrective Action Corrected during Inspection
3 3. Proper Hot Holding temperature (135 F) Chicken wings and small taquitos were holding between 90-124 degrees inside warmer. No
3 10. Food contact surfaces and Returnables ; Cleaned and Sanitized at _______ ppm/temperature Clean canopener and inside microwave located in front prep area. No
3 14. Hands cleaned and properly washed/ Gloves used properly Employee must remove gloves when writing orders, wash hands and then use a new pair of gloves. No
2 31. Adequate handwashing facilities: Accessible and properly supplied, used Do not use handwashing sink for anything else but handwashing (ice bagging room). Provide paper towels for handwashing sink (ice bagging room). No
1 41.Original container labeling (Bulk Food) Label all food containers as to contents. No
1 42. Non-Food Contact surfaces clean Remove dust from cup dispensers. No
1 46. Toilet Facilities; properly constructed, supplied, and clean Clean urinals in men's restroom and the floor around urinals. No

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