Health Department Establishment and Restaurant Inspection Software
The Smart easy way to manage establishment inspections


"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." Confucious

We agree, why spend all your time on managerial tasks? There is work to be done! Scheduling Inspections? Already done. Print Permits? 1 Click! Print permits for every inspection? Still just 1 click.


Inspections and Scheduling

Different forms for different establishments. Want one for restaurants? Check. Swimming Pools? Easy. Your child's bedroom? Good luck.

Every day new establishments are auto-magically scheduled for each inspector. We even separate out any night inspections, for you to complete when your ready.



Phone, Tablet, Laptop? Who Cares! All the same control from your phone, desktop computer, or USS Enterprise.

Billing / Payment

Billing and Payments

Easily print bills, email notices and record payments with our simple and easy system. Need to bill only a specific type of establishment? We handle that also.



Each establishment type can have its own inspection form regardless if it is a pool, restaurants or hospitals.

Events and festivities can be loads of fun, with the help of our scheduler you won't miss out on any.

We really love vacations, but loath piles of work when we get back. No worries we won't schedule any work while your gone.


Free Supervisor and Clerical

Sounds crazy, we know, but why should you have to pay extra for managerial users that may not login regularly?

One of our goals is to reduce your time spent on managerial duties. Less time means less users. Therefore by offering them for free its even more incentive for us to make InspectHub that much more awesome.



It is that time of the year again, you need to reissue permits to every establishment, no worries, we have you covered. 1 click can create a permit for every establishment. Sadly we do not have enough (well, any really) carrier pigeons, so you will have to deliver them.

Download Data

Data Ownership

The data is yours, you can export it for use in other systems, or export it just to appease your worried mind.

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